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Hiring in the Hybrid Workplace

The first of our 2022 webinars focused on the employment 'life cycle'. This webinar will cover key legal and HR issues to consider throughout the recruitment process.


Court finds rescinded job offer was not age discrimination

The rooster and the sunrise

Discrimination in the workplace is unlawful under a number of Australian laws, including state and federal anti-discrimination legislation (such as the Age Discrimination Act 2004 (Cth)) as well as the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act).


How a region banded together to improve employment standards

Group Effort

No employer operates in a silo – all employers operate in complex systems of interrelated stakeholders including employees, customers, other businesses, and regulators who enforce the laws that apply to the employer and their business.


Can a computer be the decision-maker in an adverse action decision?

I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that

As the functionality of HRIS increases and technology generally gets smarter, will an employer’s reliance on the recommendations or decisions of a HRIS put the employer at risk?


Vehicle services attendant dismissed for lying on his CV

The truth Hertz

Employers are often required to exercise a significant degree of trust and reliance in job candidates, believing that they will be truthful in recruitment processes.


The importance of pre-employment and reference checking in recruitment

Checking it twice

Conducting pre-employment and reference checks may turn out to be the most important part of the recruitment process, particularly for senior positions.


The risks of providing unfavourable or false references

You say it best when you say nothing at all

There are range of important considerations for those delivering references to take into account and often conflicting interests can creep into the equation.


How to level-up your induction process to increase buy-in

Induction Construction

Conducting a comprehensive induction for new employees is critical for compliance reasons but should also be viewed as an opportunity to connect new employees to the values and culture.


Anglo Saxon applicants preferred in online job advertisement

Need not apply

Job advertisements should be carefully drafted to ensure that they focus on the essential skills of the position and not any irrelevant or subjective factors.


Positive discrimination in the workplace

The balancing act

Across the world, issues of equality and justice have taken centre stage recently. We are experiencing a time of increased awareness about the need to redress past discrimination and prejudice towards many minority groups.


Misleading and deceptive conduct in recruitment

I can show you the world

During the recruitment process, employers want to present their best side to prospective employees in order to entice top talent to join them. Employers can potentially expose themselves to litigation for representations made or made on their behalf that are misleading and deceptive and later relied upon by prospective employees in the recruitment process.


Beware of racial discrimination in the recruitment process

A rose by any other name?

One of the potential dangers to businesses in the recruitment and selection process is to omit an applicant with a name which may indicate their race, descent, national or ethnic origin from the selection process.


Advertising for female only staff

The real employees (of Melbourne)

In an attempt to reduce the gender imbalance in Melbourne University’s School of Mathematics and Statistics, the University is now advertising three permanent positions exclusively for female applicants only.


Why employers should carry out pre-employment checks

A Policy of Truth

It is all too tempting for job hunters to do: lie on a resume to secure THAT job. Employers may be left red faced however when their recent star recruit doesn’t actually have the qualification/s required or the previous experience as they claimed – and it is only discovered after they have accepted the job and commenced work.


Applicants who provide phony statements of service and referees to secure a job

Would I lie to you?

It has recently been reported that a Melbourne man is about to be sentenced for falsifying accounting documents and obtaining property by deception. The 313 charges laid against the man related to his employment at an electrical store. The man had forged four of his character references to secure the employment.


Psychological and psychometric testing in the workplace

It’s all in the mind

Recently, the South Australian government announced that two of its employees engaged as carers were found unsuitable to work with children, following the introduction of a new testing and screening process involving psychological testing.


Is your business ready for sudden senior leadership departures?

Bye, Bye, Bye

Consider the scenario of a CEO who has been with a company for over ten years. The CEO advises shortly before the end of the financial year that they will be leaving to join another company… How does a business respond to this scenario?


Age discrimination and employment

Wise, worldly and working

For the first time in history, there are five generations of Australians participating in the workforce at once, and whilst it’s widely acknowledged that Australia has an aging population, what is less commonly appreciated is the pressure for older Australian’s to remain in the workforce.


Part 2: Age discrimination and technology in the workplace

Just Google it

In the modern day workplace, employers are becoming increasingly reliant on computer systems and introducing new forms of technology and equipment to increase productivity and output. It is often therefore a requirement that employees be proficient in certain computer programs or, at least, that they undergo training to become proficient.


Part 1: Video “Snaplications” and the potential for age discrimination in recruitment

Selfie time

We’ve all heard of “blind” recruiting, particularly in the early phases of the recruitment process, but what about the opposite? Actively recruiting based on a visual medium? Look no further than the “Snaplication.”


The value of pre-employment medical examinations

All PEMs should be specifically tailored, as different jobs have different requirements

Organisations have obligations to ensure the health and safety of their employees. One way for organisations to manage the risks is by making use of pre-employment medicals (PEMs).


The importance of WHS training during employee induction

While induction programs are a way for employers to introduce new employees to their organisation, a WHS induction program is an equally essential step in the new starter process

The implementation and delivery of a work health and safety (WHS) induction program is an important part of the development of a positive workplace health and safety culture for an organisation.


Why employees must be qualified for the tasks they perform

Quality assurance

Employers should not underestimate the importance of investing in workplace health and safety, including training for employees as well as ensuring that new hires or those promoted are qualified to perform the tasks of their new role.