Expertise: Industrial Disputes

An industrial dispute can have a profound and lasting negative effect on your business and its reputation in the marketplace, unless addressed quickly and efficiently to produce a positive result.

Workplace Law has significant experience in managing all areas of industrial disputes, including assisting clients in all areas of industrial interaction:

  • Negotiating with Unions
  • Managing a Union presence in the workplace
  • Right of entry issues
  • Responding to logs of claims
  • Assisting clients to make enterprise agreements
  • Managing strikes and other industrial action
  • Managing breach of Industrial Instrument claims
  • Applications before the Fair Work Commission in relation to bargaining and industrial action


In the new era of the Fair Work Act 2009 it is important to develop solid communication lines with Unions to achieve harmony in the workplace and satisfactory outcomes for your business without compromising your business’ integrity and long term financial success and longevity in a competitive environment.

However, we also know that sometimes it will not be possible for employers and Unions to amicably resolve disputes and on those occasions we use our years of experience and expertise to produce a successful outcome for our clients by utilizing options available in the relevant Tribunal, Commission or Court.

We will provide you with the most appropriate strategic advice based on an understanding of:

  • The nature of your business
  • The composition of your staff e.g Union and non-union staff
  • Your existing relationship with the Union
  • Your position in relation to the dispute and the Union’s position
  • The impact of any industrial action on your business, your financial position and your reputation


Should it appear that industrial action will take place, we can assist in contingency planning in order to keep your business running during any interruption that may arise. We can also assist you with preparing the necessary communication messages to your employees, shareholders, Executive/Board of Directors and the media.

Please contact Workplace Law for any queries in relation to Industrial Disputes.

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