Expertise: Workplace Investigations

At Workplace Law we understand that a harmonious workplace is a productive workplace. For this reason it is important that issues raised by employees are investigated by highly skilled and experienced people and then resolved quickly and effectively.

Depending on the nature of the issue or complaint, investigations can benefit from being conducted by experienced workplace relations lawyers. We understand that investigations must always be conducted with a high level of skill, diligence and confidentiality. We work with our clients from the earliest possible opportunity to establish the framework for the investigation, setting the required timeline and advice on how to manage their business while the investigation is taking place. As part of our service we also help our clients manage the media, Unions and other lawyers.

Workplace Law regularly conducts workplace investigations into issues such as:

  • employee misconduct
  • poor performance issues
  • grievance claims
  • alleged work health and safety breaches and;
  • bullying and harassment claims

In our experience workplace investigations are often a catalyst for the re-evaluation of organisational policies and procedures, and so we will also make practical recommendations for structural, procedural, policy and/or cultural change at the conclusion of the investigation process. Where appropriate we also engage and work with highly qualified and experienced experts in relevant areas.

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