Expertise: Work Health & Safety

Workplace Law assists clients in understanding and managing duties and obligations under Work Health and Safety legislation.

Workplace Law assists through:

  • Arranging safety audits (using suitably qualified WHS experts where appropriate)
  • Training officers and introducing systems to ensure their “due diligence”
  • Reviewing existing policies and procedures for compliance and “best practice” standards.  If necessary, we then work with our clients to implement new or update current policies and procedures that are both compliant and user-friendly
  • Providing advice and assistance in regards to the initial management of workplace injury and subsequent implications
  • Providing advice and assistance to help our clients minimise WHS risk exposure resulting from the activities of contractors and labour hire services
  • Specific advice for labour hire companies on their obligations in relation to their employees in host employer workplaces
  • Conducting training seminars specifically tailored for your particular business and audience
  • Partnering with scheme agents and insurers to manage workplace incidents and accidents in a collaborative approach to best protect insurance claims and premiums
  • Best practice when managing injured workers

We are able to tailor our training to all levels of employees, from company directors and senior managers to factory line workers to front line staff. We also assist our clients with:

  • Responding to investigations by WHS regulators such as WorkSafe & WorkCover
  • Governance and due diligence
  • Responding to Prohibition & Improvement Notices
  • Drafting operating and management guidelines
  • Conducting Risk assessments (with experienced WHS experts)
  • Initial incident response protocols
  • Investigations into workplace accidents

WHS Prosecutions

Workplace Law also has significant experience defending prosecutions under the relevant WHS legislation. We have defended both companies and individual officers who have been the subject of a WHS prosecution.

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