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Rugby league player obtains injunction against employing Club

The Penrith Panthers have been in the headlines recently due to an employment dispute with one of their players, Taylan May.


Why clubs need to regulate fan and member behaviour at sporting events

Have a seat and take a stand

Racial abuse from fans and/or members certainly falls foul of discrimination laws and can lead to significant questions being asked of clubs and organisations about what steps they took or could have reasonably taken to prevent players from being subject to such behaviour.


Social media, sporting clubs and athletes

Doing It For The 'Gram

Since it arrived in Australia, Uber has been under fire for its disruption of the transport industry and its complicated relationship with its drivers.


Folau sacking case could change how employers deal with discrimination

"Impossible position" for employers

As the Israel Folau saga enters another chapter, our Managing Director Athena Koelmeyer shared her thoughts with Smart Company’s News Editor, Matthew Elmas, on how this case will potentially affect all employers and employees not just sporting organisations and athletes.


Workplace Law Expands Sports Law Practice

Workplace Law Expands Sports Law Practice

Our expertise in workplace relations, teamed with our lawyers’ passion for and knowledge of all things sport, makes Workplace Law the ideal partner for clubs, associations and governing sporting bodies.


Lessons from the Manly Sea Eagles head coach resignation saga

Fly, eagle, fly

The NRL’s Manly Sea Eagles have faced an uncomfortable situation regarding a key employee in recent times.


College accepts responsibility for death of football player from heatstroke

WHS and Sport

The tragic death of a 19 year old college football player in the USA serves as a reminder to sporting organisations at all levels about the duty of care owed to their players.


Netball Collective Playing Agreement Takes Centre Court

A “landmark deal” for women’s sport

There has been much attention on the new Netball Australia collective agreement (the Agreement) announced last week. The Agreement, described as a “landmark deal” for women’s sport increases the minimum player salary from $13,250 per year to $27,375 per year.


Cricket Australia and NRL Industrial Disputes

State of Play

Recently, there has been intense focus in the media on two of Australia’s top sporting codes and their negotiations for new pay deals. The threats of strikes and boycotts highlight why it is important to have and maintain good communication between the parties in the collective bargaining process.


Ethnic slurs in the workplace

That’s my pejorative

All employers should be aware that discrimination in the workplace on the basis of a “protected attribute” is unlawful. For example, Australia’s anti-discrimination legislation provides that it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of “race.”


FWC Clarifies Status of Volunteer Coaches

World in Motion

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) provides a protection from unfair dismissal and permits an application to be made for remedy. In our previous blog Objection! – Access to the Unfair Dismissal Jurisdiction we outlined some of the jurisdictional objections that can be raised by an employer when an unfair dismissal is lodged by an employee. Access to the unfair dismissal jurisdiction however is limited to eligible employees and an objection may also be lodged where it is disputed that the applicant was not an employee. In some circumstances, it may not be entirely clear whether an applicant was an employee rather than an independent contractor or volunteer.