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Gender Equality

Positive discrimination in the workplace

The balancing act

Across the world, issues of equality and justice have taken centre stage recently. We are experiencing a time of increased awareness about the need to redress past discrimination and prejudice towards many minority groups.


Deadline for Workplace Gender Equality Agency reporting fast approaching

The Workplace Gender Equality Act

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cth) requires all private sector Australian companies with 100 or more staff to report each year to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).


Advertising for female only staff

The real employees (of Melbourne)

In an attempt to reduce the gender imbalance in Melbourne University’s School of Mathematics and Statistics, the University is now advertising three permanent positions exclusively for female applicants only.


Netball Collective Playing Agreement Takes Centre Court

A “landmark deal” for women’s sport

There has been much attention on the new Netball Australia collective agreement (the Agreement) announced last week. The Agreement, described as a “landmark deal” for women’s sport increases the minimum player salary from $13,250 per year to $27,375 per year.


The Push for Pay Transparency

I Can See Clearly Now

In September 2015, the Fair Work Amendment (Gender Pay Gap) Bill 2015 (the Bill) was introduced in the Senate by the Australian Greens Deputy Leader. The Bill was recently considered by the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee who will release a report in mid-November 2016.