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Media Release: Introducing Olivia White

As our 'Female Champions Program' continues to grow and evolve, we are tremendously proud to welcome our newest champion - Olivia White!

As our 'Female Champions Program' continues to grow and evolve, we are tremendously proud to welcome our newest champion - Olivia White!

Olivia has taken some time out of her busy training, game and work schedule to chat with us about her life, career and all things footy.

Why Liv is a perfect female champion for Workplace Law

"Like our other Female Champions, Olivia is a shining example to young girls and boys that it is both important and possible to build successful careers on/off the sporting field.

Olivia has always expressed how grateful she is for the support Workplace Law has given women’s rugby 7s,in particular the Rebelettes, and is eager to work with us to inspire others to chase their dreams both on and off the field. 

We believe Olivia’s dedication to the ’harder but more rewarding path’ of combining sport and work makes her a worthy Female Champion."

- Workplace Law Director and CEO, Shane Koelmeyer

Getting to know Olivia White

Where did your love of sport come from?

I grew up in a family with 3 Olympians who have represented their country in Basketball, Netball & Water Polo. It was my upbringing that really cemented my desire to follow in my family's footsteps and chase the dream of one day putting on a green and gold jersey.

Where did your sporting adventures begin?

I started off playing basketball and netball at a young age, playing at state and national levels and gaining recognition within merit squads.

How did Rugby make it into your skill set?

I had never imagined playing Rugby Union, I was 23 years old when a new, local opportunity to learn how to play Rugby Sevens came up. The skill transfer was minimal, apart from running and catching a ball, so there was much to learn. It was pretty much starting from the ground up when it came to skill development and understanding the game.

After 12 months of consistently training in Rugby specific skills, strength and conditioning I went on to play in the AON Uni's 7s inaugural season.

How did you come to be a Rebelette?

Following the program's success as State Champions, Justin handed the team over to Chris Nay (now Head Coach at Southern Districts) to further grow the program with the support of the biggest Rugby Union Club in Southern Sydney. Our program is the highest performing representative Women’s Sevens Club in Australia and we have numerous girls representing our squad at the next level.

What are some of the highlights throughout the last 4 years in Rugby?

Throughout the 4 years at Southern Districts, I personally have been given some pretty amazing opportunities to step up and showcase my skills:

1. Participating in Australian Development games and other exciting training opportunities, from travelling to Bendigo (VIC) to face-up against an impressive Kiwi squad donning an Australian jersey, to more trial games against the Irish, Japanese and French national teams on different occasions.

2. Being the single and only Women's Sevens Player to have played in every (consecutive) tournament within the AON Uni 7's Series since it's foundation 4 years ago.

3. I also currently hold the title of 2nd most women's caps at my club Southern Districts - now sitting at >25 caps. For those that don't know a cap entails 4-5 games so over 125 x total games at the club throughout my tenure.

What does your support network look like?

Playing sport at this level of competition for some time hasn't been without its challenges - from finding a work-life balance, to scheduling your week down to 30 minute blocks to account for all the training / gym sessions and travel times. However, I'm fortunate to have a great support system including a wonderful boyfriend & family and an understanding work environment that allows me to do both.

What does the future hold for you? Is there an after-rugby life?

I fully understanding the unique challenges for female athletes such as balancing sport, work and timing of when to start a family. I also have a tertiary degree which has now landed me at one of the most exciting Sports Marketing and Media businesses in Australia, TLA Worldwide. This business not only allows me the flexibility to explore my own personal ambition in competing at the highest level within my sport, but also allows me to translate my passion for sport throughout my competitive sales role and building relationships within the sports media industry.

What does it mean to you to be Workplace Law’s newest Female Champion?

All I can hope to do as one of Workplace Law's Female Champions is continue to work towards being the best rugby player I can possibly be, setting the standards high and being a positive role model and mentor for those young girls coming through ranks.

Hopefully, my example can inspire women in some small way to know they can have both - 2 x careers (sporting and working related) and continue to aim big and have it all... I'm 28 years old and still get excited by the opportunities ahead!

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