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When work experience turns into paid employment

The student becomes the master

Work experience placements, vocational placements and internships can be particularly beneficial to students as they not only provide invaluable experience in a workplace but can often lead to opportunities for permanent employment. In such cases, there must be a clear distinction between the initial unpaid engagement and the ensuing employment relationship.


Employer fined 250k for failing to provide training to work experience student

Missed the train

You have spent time, money and resources to hire the best candidate for the job and you cannot wait for them to get into their role. Before they start, your new worker needs to be trained, especially in workplace health and safety (WHS).


Study finds over 500,000 people are participating in illegal unpaid work experience

The Intern

In a recent study commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Employment, it was found that in the last five years there were over half a million Australians engaged in (or who were engaged in) unlawful work experience.