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Court finds independent contractor owed superannuation

Super (not so) Simple

There are benefits to engaging individuals as independent contractors where there is a particular task, project or specialised kind of work that needs to be performed.


The importance of keeping employment records and providing pay slips

Broken record (keeping)

Employers can be penalised for failing to keep proper records and for failing to issue their employees with pay slips in a timely manner.


Celebrity Fashion and Wedding Dress Designer forced into liquidation due to unpaid employee entitlements

Dressing Down

It has recently been reported that celebrity fashion designer, Johanna Johnson who has designed gowns for Madonna and Christina Hendricks is being pursued in court by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and former employees for more than $1 million. The amount includes at least $300,000 in owed superannuation that had not been paid to employees for many years.


Employer non-compliance with the superannuation guarantee

Super funds not super fun

Earlier this month, the Senate Economics References Committee (the Committee) released its report on non-compliance with superannuation guarantee legislation in Australia. The report, titled “Superbad – Wage theft and non-compliance of the Superannuation Guarantee”, documents the findings of the Committee’s inquiry and makes recommendations for changes to the law and initiatives run by government agencies to deal with non-payment of superannuation by employers.


Have you got “the right stuff” when it comes to super?

Superannuation payments and calculations can be a tricky thing for employers, of all sizes, to get right.

Superannuation payments and calculations can be a tricky thing for employers, of all sizes, to get right. These challenges came to light last month when the Financial Sector Union of Australia (FSU) claimed that 7,000 part time staff did not receive their full super entitlements from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), with claims dating as far back as 2009.