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Commission finds swearing in workplace constituted sexual harassment and warranted summary dismissal


With the new Respect@Work amendments now in place, employers should be mindful of a recent decision handed down by the Fair Work Commission where it upheld the dismissal of an employee on the basis that swearing at a colleague constituted sexual harassment.


Employer penalised for inadequate response to workplace sexual harassment

The positive duty

A recent decision of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which has resulted in an employer being required to pay an employee over $53,000 in compensation, has highlighted the need for employers to inform themselves of their obligations in relation to eliminating workplace sexual harassment, victimisation and sex discrimination.


Employer ordered to pay $150,000 in damages for sexual harassment by an employee

In a recent decision of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, an employer has been ordered to pay $150,000 in general damages to a former employee for failing to take reasonable precautions to prevent her from being sexually harassed in the workplace.