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Employer ordered to pay $237,000 for defaming former employee


Defamation in the workplace is more often than not associated with disgruntled employees making adverse or negative remarks about their employer (or former employer).


Court rejects employee’s proposed adjustments to workplace

Put it in writing

Australia’s anti-discrimination legislation imposes positive obligations on employers to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace to accommodate an employee’s disability, unless doing so would cause unjustifiable hardship to the business.


Employer reasonable in not accommodating employee’s variation of hours request

It’s all about me

One of the logistical challenges often faced by employers is the management of rosters and employee working hours. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when it comes to this.


Federal Circuit Court dismisses claim for cumulative overtime

A guy, two part-time jobs and an overtime claim

Multi-hire arrangements are a popular way for employees to supplement their income and to have flexibility.


“Casual” employee entitled to annual leave after 15 years of service

Let’s keep it casual

Issues arise when casual employees are engaged on a long-term basis, have regular and systematic hours and a reasonable expectation of ongoing employment.


How the Fair Work Act encourages flexibility in the workplace

Flexed to the limit

A recent survey conducted by global workplace solutions group, ManpowerGroup, has revealed that almost 90% of workers are opting for, or at least open to, arrangements that allow for flexibility in lieu of traditional “9 to 5” work arrangements.


Flexible working arrangements

It is all in the flexicution

What does an employer do in circumstances where it has granted flexible working arrangements and it is no longer able to accommodate the employee?