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Regular and systematic casual employment

Keeping you regular

Employers often supplement their workforce by utilising casual employees to perform work in addition to that performed by permanent employees. While such engagements might start out as irregular (or, truly casual), it is not uncommon for casual employment to become regular and systematic, and for a casual employee to develop an expectation of continued employment.


Full Court decides meaning of “day” for personal/carer’s leave

Only time will tell

The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia recently handed down a decision that is likely to have significant impacts on the accrual and taking of personal/carer’s leave, not to mention the management of the entitlement by employers.


Casual swearing no excuse for conduct

A little less conversational swearing

There is no doubt that swearing in the workplace is unacceptable - the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has repeatedly held that swearing in an abusive manner that is directed towards others is a valid reason for dismissal.


Employee loses redundancy pay after refusing other acceptable employment

Who's the boss?

The FWC has reduced an employee’s entitlement to redundancy pay to nil after an employer successfully argued that it obtained ‘other acceptable employment’ for the employee, which the employee had refused.


Webinar: “Let's Keep it Casual” – Casual employment and today's workplace

Athena will safely navigate you through the minefield that is ‘casual employment.


Workplace Relations Review

2018 Key Moments and 2019 Forecast

Casual Employment, Supply Chain, Contracts, Gig Economy, Restraints of Trade, Enterprise Agreements, Work Health & Safety.


Workplace Relations Review - Cases and Legislation - August 2018

Workplace Relations Review - Cases and Legislation - August 2018

Employment Issues, Industrial Issues, Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination, Unfair Dismissal / Adverse Action, Modern Awards, Workers Compensation