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News Alert: Congratulations Athena!


Today we celebrate our Managing Director Athena Koelmeyer’s 25 years in the law…or as Athena refers to it as her “I love the law” day!

Today we celebrate our Managing Director Athena Koelmeyer’s 25  years in the law…or as Athena refers to it as her “I love the law” day!
Director and CEO, Shane Koelmeyer said: 
“Athena is a terrific  example of what it means to truly embrace “your authentic self” …whether she  is negotiating an EBA on behalf of one of our clients, making submissions in  the Fair Work Commission or playing with her pup Kylo (pictured here)  she is the same diligent, caring and positive person at her core.”
In a profession swamped with egos, Athena has never courted the limelight or  been driven by a desire to show that she is better than anyone else. Athena’s  focus has always been on simply doing her job, without fuss or grandstanding,  to help our clients.
Athena provides expert advice and guidance whilst showing compassion and  understanding knowing that our clients are often dealing with sensitive  or complex matters.
Senior Associate, Lara Pascuzzo said:
“There is no better role  model or mentor for young women in the legal profession than Athena. Athena’s  expertise, practical problem-solving skills, leadership and dedication to  achieving the best results for our clients provides the ultimate standard for  what it means to be a talented and dynamic lawyer in our profession today.   As a young graduate when I joined Workplace Law to now as a Senior  Associate, I am grateful and fortunate to be able to learn from, and work  with Athena at Workplace Law." 
Congratulations Athena on 25 years as lawyer!
If you would like to pass on your wishes, feel free to send an email directly to her, or to

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