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Inner West Magpies

Inner West Magpies AFL Women's Premier Division took on the current Premier’s, Manly Warringah, on the weekend at Picken Oval. The teams fought it out in the pouring rain and mud with our Magpies prevailing in a 29-11 win!

Inner West Magpies AFL Women's Premier Division took on the current Premier’s, Manly Warringah, on the weekend at Picken Oval. The teams fought it out in the pouring rain and mud with our Magpies prevailing in a 29-11 win!

The game took on added significance as our Magpies were finally able to wear their very special Indigenous guernsey’s designed by fellow team mate, Zoe Cassim.

There is significant meaning behind the guernsy’s as Zoe explains below;

“Firstly, I am a Bundjalung woman. So, I come from Saltwater and Freshwater in Northern NSW. Because water is such an integral part of my Dreaming, I wanted to make sure it was represented in our jersey’s. So, the maroon and black borders will sit under the arms/on the side of the singlets. They represent the Cooks River which our field backs onto. That way we are always connected to Place. No matter where we have come from. Our Place as a club, is by the Cooks River.

Circles are really important culturally. They represent meeting places, life cycles, and equality (No one can sit at the head of the table if it's round) so hierarchy is left out completely. That's why I chose it to be the focus. We're not a club based on individual performances, but on team performances.

The circle in the middle encompasses two men and two women - representing our whole club. Both the men's and the women's sides across all divisions are of equal value and each have their place in the past, the present, and the future of the club.

AFL is the modern version of MarnGrook. A traditional game that taught young ones skills for hunting, fighting and teamwork. It is a game steeped in tens of thousands of years of knowledge and skill building. So, as a club that takes pride in such a sport, it has more history than most even know about.

Around the figures, you have a circle with the 'horseshoe' sort of shapes. Each of those represent a person - the spectators, the families, the coaches and the players. All coming to Picken Oval.

The circle also spreads out into journeys (The lines/pathways that lead away, and back to, the circle with the figures). We all come with different lived experiences, from different places, and with our own stories and skills. We bring them with us to the club, to the games and to training. They are what sets us apart and what brings us together. I wanted to make sure that people’s journeys were represented.

The smaller two circles represent meeting places - one being the women and girls who train and learn and talk together. The other being the men and boys doing the same.

We are one club, but we have learnings and teachings that are separate too.”

Photo Credit: Nat Sports Media
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