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Congratulations Shane!

This month we celebrate our CEO Shane Koelmeyer’s 25 years in the law – a milestone achievement for anyone working in the legal profession.

This month we  celebrate our CEO Shane Koelmeyer’s 25 years in the law – a milestone  achievement for anyone working in the legal profession.

Workplace Law  Principal, Athena Koelmeyer said: 
“Shane’s passion and  ambition to build a safe and healthy workplace full of people practising law  the right way should be an inspiration to the whole profession – as it is to  us. Shane’s level of care and commitment to our team, our clients and the  many others he deals with as part of his role is unsurpassed and we are all  better for it.”
Shane works diligently as a critical part of the Workplace Law team to make  the firm the market leader that it is with a firm commitment to supporting  Australian employers.  He is also passionate about supporting female  athletes and sporting teams and is the driving force behind Workplace Law’s  Female Champions Program.
Workplace Law Associate, Emily Regidor said:
“Shane’s determination to  be a good person above all else is what sets him apart from many other  lawyers in this industry and has made Workplace Law what it is today. He is  relentless in his pursuit of ensuring that everyone he interacts with becomes  the best version of themselves that they can be (whether it is a client or a  personal friend), and it is an honour and a privilege to work with him in  pursuit of that goal.”
Congratulations Shane – a wonderful achievement and well done!
If you would like to pass on your wishes, feel  free to send an email directly to him or

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