Female Champions Program

The Program's purpose

The PURPOSE of our Female Champions program is to support girls and women:

  • to fulfil their dreams and goals;
  • to be their best selves; and
  • to make a positive difference in their lives and in the broader community.
  • to support and educate them so they can take active control of their careers on/off the field.

What we look for in our Champions

An individual or team who:

  • shares our firm’s values;
  • understands the importance of earning opportunities;
  • is doing something that adds, or has the potential to add, positive value to their own lives, to those around them and/or to their community.

Our Female Champions program allows us to use our brand, expertise, knowledge and capacity to make a genuine difference on an individual, team and community level.

Success Stories

Success Stories

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Our Champion Athletes

Our Champions

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Women in sport

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