Workplace Law Director, Shane Koelmeyer today announced the expansion of the firm’s Sports Law practice:

“Building on our existing work with sports clubs and governing bodies we are excited to announce that we are expanding the range of our sports law services and also extending our representation and advice services to make them available to coaches and individual athletes.

The last decade has seen sporting clubs and governing bodies take on increased expectations and responsibilities when it comes to their staff, sponsors, members, coaches and athletes. For example, there is now an expectation that clubs and governing bodies will actively manage staff and player welfare and behaviour – this can involve a range of things including training, counselling, investigations and even disciplinary action.

Our expertise in workplace relations, teamed with our lawyers’ passion for and knowledge of all things sport, makes Workplace Law the ideal partner for clubs, associations and governing sporting bodies. We have worked with a variety of sporting clubs and state sporting organisations on a broad range of matters including – staff employment issues, athlete behaviour (on and off field), governance and Board issues.

We believe that individual athletes and coaches should be empowered to take greater control of their own careers. Our role is to facilitate this by educating those individuals on the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind contract offers and terms so that they can make informed decisions about their career.

As seen by our sponsorship partnerships, we are particularly passionate about playing our role in supporting the sustained growth of female sports.In addition to those partnerships we want to ensure that everyone involved in the female sports industry has access to expert legal representation and advice regardless of their financial capacity.”

For more details about our expanded range of services please head to the Sports Law page on our website here.