The importance of up-to-date policies and regular training

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Uber eX-employee sparks reform of company culture

Uber Technologies now appears to be undergoing a major remodel of its workplace environment, including the dismissal of 20 employees and the departure of CEO, Travis Kalanick, following a self-imposed investigation into the culture of the eight-year old company.

It’s a crying sham

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Cleaning company engaged in sham contracting ordered to pay over $660,000

Sham contracting and the exploitation of vulnerable workers have been hot topics recently following a series of high profile cases including the likes of 7Eleven, Baiada Poultry and Quest Serviced Apartments. The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) continues its crusade, investigating and litigating claims related to worker exploitation in supply chain arrangements.

I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

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Can a computer be the decision-maker in an adverse action decision?

As reported this month in HRM Magazine, Futurist Chris Riddell predicts that artificial intelligence will play a key role in business leadership in the next five years. Riddell says, “Artificial Intelligence will start to make decisions and will ‘co-pilot’ the running of business.” But, as the functionality of HRIS increases and technology generally gets smarter, will an employer’s reliance on the recommendations or decisions of a HRIS put the employer at risk?

I like to move it (move it)

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Relocation & Redundancy

The issue of relocating employees from one location to another arises when a business is restructuring, when a site closes down, or when a business decides to move its operations. A recent decision of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) considered the issues of relocation, redundancy and unfair dismissal.

State of Play

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Cricket Australia and NRL Industrial Disputes

Recently, there has been intense focus in the media on two of Australia’s top sporting codes and their negotiations for new pay deals. The threats of strikes and boycotts highlight why it is important to have and maintain good communication between the parties in the collective bargaining process.

99 Problems and Agreement Drafting is one

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Agreement Drafting

Earlier this month, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) Full Bench handed down its decision in relation to an application to deal with a dispute in accordance with the dispute settlement procedure in the Kentz Pty Ltd Ichthys Onshore Construction Greenfields Agreement (the EBA). This decision was an appeal of an earlier decision by Commissioner Bissett with respect to the interpretation of clause 19 of the EBA that related to payments into income protection insurance schemes.

Super funds not super fun

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Employer non-compliance with the superannuation guarantee

Earlier this month, the Senate Economics References Committee (the Committee) released its report on non-compliance with superannuation guarantee legislation in Australia. The report, titled “Superbad – Wage theft and non-compliance of the Superannuation Guarantee”, documents the findings of the Committee’s inquiry and makes recommendations for changes to the law and initiatives run by government agencies to deal with non-payment of superannuation by employers.

Think before you click

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Email and IT policies

The internet and email are essential tools for most businesses. Email makes correspondence and transactions simple and efficient, but it is also easy to send the wrong email to the wrong recipient!

Prosecutions under the WHS Act

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Witness for the prosecution

In our last instalment of our three part blog series we will focus on the most extreme form of enforcement under the Model Work Health and Safety Act, prosecutions.

Enforceable Undertakings under the WHS Act

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The Undertaker

In part one of our three part series we discussed improvement and prohibition notices under the Model Work Health and Safety Act. In this second part we will focus on enforceable (or WHS) undertakings.

Employer prevented from proceeding with investigation and disciplinary process

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Stop right now

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) gives the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) the power to make orders to stop bullying where it is satisfied pursuant to section 789FF that: (1) A worker has been bullied at work by an individual or group of individuals; and (2) There is a risk that the worker will continue to be bullied at work by the individual or group.

It’s not over till it’s over: Ramifications of unfair dismissal proceedings

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Employment Law Essentials

In part one and part two of our Employment Essentials Series we discussed procedural aspects of termination and the need for substantive fairness. In this third instalment we will discuss the various outcomes and ramifications for employers if they fail to settle an unfair dismissal claim before proceeding to a formal hearing and the potential fallout post proceedings.

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