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Webinar: "It Wasn't Me" - Personal Liability under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)


Athena will safely navigate you through the minefield that is ‘casual employment.

Our Managing Director, Athena Koelmeyer, will be hosting this webinar and discussing:

  • What does being ‘involved in’ a contravention actually mean?
  • Specific case studies where employees, managers, directors and officers have faced personal prosecution under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (for example, underpayment of wages and unpaid interns).
  • Third party provider liability (for example, outsourced payroll and HR providers).

The webinar will begin at 11.00 am (AEDT) on Wednesday 20 March 2019. Not at your desk? No problem, simply download the GoToWebinar app and listen wherever you may be.

Let us know via email to if there are other people within your organisation, or friends of yours also in HR, who would like to attend – we will send them a personal invitation.

Reserve your spot today, this webinar is FREE^ of charge!

^Please note that places are strictly limited, Workplace Law reserves the right to decline registrations at its discretion.


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