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Olivia White

Women's Rugby 7's

Women's Rugby 7's - Southern Districts Rebelettes

On the field

When Olivia was 23, she came across an opportunity to learn how to play rugby sevens, transferring her basketball skills of running, catching and attitude for competitive sport, Olivia had to learn from the ground up about understanding the game and specific skill development.

With 12 months of consistently training in rugby specific skills, strength and conditioning, Olivia went on to play with the AON Uni's 7s in their inaugural season.

Olivia now plays under the guidance and expertise of coach Chris Nay with Southern Districts Rugby Club's Rebelettes for the last 4 years and has since participated in games against New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, and France. She is the only women's sevens player to have played consecutively in every tournament within the AON Uni 7's series since it's foundation 4 years ago.

Away from the field

Olivia remains in the sporting world working at Sports Marketing and Media Businesses in Australia, TLA Worldwide as a Business Manager for Media & Technology.

Her role as a sales representative has her working closely with various sporting codes, clubs and stadiums.

Workplace Law's sponsorship

"All I can hope to do as one of Workplace Law's Female Champions is continue to work towards being the best rugby player I can possibly be, setting the standards high and being a positive role model and mentor for those young girls coming through ranks.

Hopefully, my example can inspire women in some small way to know they can have both - 2 x careers (sporting and working related) and continue to aim big and have it all... I'm 28 years old and still get excited by the opportunities ahead!"

Olivia White

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