“It’s Christmas, we should celebrate they say, just a little get together for the employees. Have a few drinks, blow off a little steam, nothing crazy.” (from the movie, Office Christmas Party)

In her usual entertaining style our Managing Director, Athena Koelmeyer, will discuss some of the more interesting legal decisions around work social functions and help employers prepare for the aftermath of a function gone wrong:

  • Did Scott really tell his Team Leader, Jean, she looked “smoking hot in that dress”?!
  • How was Logan served so much alcohol that he thought it was OK to take off all his clothes and moonwalk on the boardroom table?!
  • Where were Hank and Charles when Emma, Neena and Carol decided to spray champagne all over the CFO and Payroll Manager?

This is a must attend webinar for all HR Managers, Social Committee members, business owners and managers responsible for planning work social events and dealing with the aftermath.

The webinar will begin at 11.00 am (AEDT) on Thursday, 1 November 2018. Not at your desk? No problem, simply download the GoToWebinar app and listen wherever you may be.

Reserve your spot today, this webinar is FREE^ of charge!

^Please note that places are strictly limited, Workplace Law reserves the right to decline registrations at its discretion.