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Since 2003, Workplace Law has operated as a specialist law firm focused on providing advice to employers in all aspects of employment law and workplace relations.

While employment law and workplace relations in Australia is now largely a national system, we remain aware of the intricacies of the remaining applicable State based obligations and continue to provide assistance and support to employers still transitioning from or operating entirely within the State employment law and workplace relations structures.

Our clients range from large Australian-based publicly listed companies, to international companies operating in Australia, to not-for profit organisations, to local government entities and State-owned corporations and large and medium sized family businesses.

Our clients are representative of a wide variety of industries and undertakings in the private and public sectors and include manufacturers, retailers, general insurers and health insurers, sporting organisations, employers operating in the building and construction industries, international airlines, transport and logistics services, IT providers, labour hire services, television broadcasters and production companies, disability service providers and other not for profit organisations.

Our aim is to partner with our clients in the management of their employment law and workplace relations obligations.

Not only do we work together with our clients to achieve integrated strategy objectives and manage legal issues, but we are also focussed on making this process seamless by working actively with our clients’ in-house specialists and our other professional advisors as part of a team. At Workplace Law, we actively promote prevention as being best practice. Consistent with this approach we provide a wide range of services from advice, to Award and Agreement interpretation, to contract and policy drafting, to in-house training for our clients and their employees. We provide training on a variety of employment and workplace relations topics including work health and safety, managing a disciplinary process, discrimination issues and managing injured workers.

Our philosophy is to encourage a proactive, preventative approach to solve employment or workplace issues at the earliest opportunity.

To that end, our firm offers an array of services to help our clients achieve their business goals and avoid expensive workplace-related litigation. Our experience has taught us that the most obvious solution is not necessarily the one producing the best outcome for our client and our experience allows us to canvas all the available options before agreeing with our clients on a path forward.

In the event that litigation or disputation is unavoidable, we vigorously defend our clients with an exceptional level of proficiency acquired through years of experience representing employers in a broad range of employment related litigation matters in State and Federal Tribunals, Commissions, and Courts.

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